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Monday, September 30, 2013

Top Puppy - September 30, 2013

Brittany Mc Donough is a student that sparkles in all that she does and is a well deserving recipient of the Top Puppy Award.

Mr. Mezeske said of Brittany, 'She is one of the most conscientious students in the school who balances out a great work ethic with a bright personality.  She is a fantastic choice for Top Puppy.'

Ms. Burnham, her cross country coach said, 'Brittany is such a positive influence on the team.  She demonstrates motivation and discipline everyday, but also brings her sense of humor and humility to the team, which her team mates appreciate.'

Leader and role model in the classroom and athletics, Brittany is also active in the community where she serves food to the homeless out of her dad's restaurant every Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Brittany Mc Donough, you are a well deserving Top Puppy Winner!

(nominated by Mr. Mezeske & Ms. Burnham)

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