A platform to showcase the great work that both our students and staff do in our community we call Bedford High School. All nominations are made by the staff.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Top Puppy - February 16, 2015

This week's Top Puppy winner has been nominated by Ms. Brooks who said the following of our winner:

For top puppy I would like to nominate Kayla Warren. For her senior project, she had been exploring the notion of exceeding her comfortable limits. She decided to delve into the beauty pageant circuit. In doing so, she has had to hone her interview skills, talent and fitness level. She has raised money, completed community service and learned how to effectively market herself. She completed in four pageants and she actually won her last pageant. She has been crowned New Hampshire's Miss Auburn and she is now eligible to compete for Miss New Hampshire.

Way to go Kayla!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top Puppy - February 9, 2015

This week's Top Puppy winner is Sierra Christerson.

Mr. Standwood said of our winner: "I would like to nominate Sierra Christerson for Top Puppy. Sierra has become a leader in my classroom, in DECA, and most recently on social media. Sierra has all the makings of an up and coming leader." Ms. Charbonneau added: "I second that! I have Sierra in advisory and in class and she is kind, thoughtful, and respectful. I am very proud of her, especially this week."

Congratulations Sierra.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top Puppy - February 3, 2015

This week's Top Puppies have been nominated by Ms. Noble who said of our winners:

I would like to noninate Allie Withee and Ryan Anastasi for being the first French Honor Society students to plan and execute a French lesson to students at Lurgio. Allie and Ryan went to Mme Pascucci's French class and here is what Mme had to say about them: "Allie and Ryan's visit to my 9th grade class was WONDERFUL! The kids loved it and Allie & Ryan did such a good job. They are welcome back any time."
Bien joué Allie et Ryan!!