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Monday, March 21, 2016

Top Puppy - March 21, 2016

This week's Top Puppies are the French Honor Society and the French Club members for their amazing team effort during World Language Week. Over the week:
  • They brightened up our halls with GLOBAL understanding. 
  • They taught about 100 students how to fence. 
  • They fed over 230 students (fresh crêpes included). 
  • They enlightened 70 Lurgio/McKelvie students with international food and film. 
  • They introduced about 100 students to our 3 lovely exchange students as well as new music and Youtube fun. 
  • They sponsored 48 students to enter Le Grand Concours - the French National Exam. 
Receiving the honor on behalf of the clubs are: Erica Sherman (Food Coordinator), Louisa Berman (Trivia Boss) and Chris Violette (Promo Video). These three took on multiple roles which required them to devote time almost every day during WL Week.

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