A platform to showcase the great work that both our students and staff do in our community we call Bedford High School. All nominations are made by the staff.

Monday, October 31, 2016

Top Puppy - October 31, 2016

This week's Top Puppies have been nominated by Ms. Lucotoni:

"I would like to nominate the ENTIRE band and color guard for Top Puppies. Given the option to forgo performing at Friday night's football game, these students chose to slip into their ponchos and perform in the torrential rain. This is Bulldog dedication and spirit at its best."

Congratulations to the band (and their fearless leader Ms. Rienzo!) for their outstanding commitment.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Top Puppy - October 24, 2016

This week's Top Puppy has been nominated by Ms. Cooney:

"I would like to nominate Ramya Bathula for Top Puppy. Ramya stepped up in class this week to help another student with a medical emergency. She came to me to tell me the student was ill, helped me help that student to get out of this situation and then made sure the student was safe in the scenario. Ramya was integral in making this situation calm and without further incident."

Congratulations Ramya!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Puppy: October 17, 2016

This week's Top Puppies are the five football captains, Jake Gregson, Sean Tierney, Nick Leahy, Nick Cannone and Shahrukh Hussain who did an amazing job recently inspiring the local youth football players in the community. The five gave up their time and visited various Bedford Jags teams and spoke to them about leadership, hard work, and sportsmanship, as well as running some drills. The Jags players were truly appreciative and inspired having their heroes visit and being such impressive role models for our future Bulldogs. Congratulations Jake, Sean, Nick, Nick and Shahrukh for being great leaders within our community.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Top Puppy - October 11, 2016

This week's Top Puppy winner has been nominated by Mr. Ingram:

"I would like to nominate Morgan Rouleau for Top Puppy this week because she continues to be a positive, welcoming presence in class. Morgan goes out of her way to be friendly and inclusive of students in class, which helps create an open, accepting environment for all of us. Thanks for being you, Morgan!"

Top Puppy - October 3, 2016

This week's Top Puppy is a new first...a whole class is receiving the award! The winners are the students in R4 Latin I and have been nominated by Mr. Jozokos and Mr. Hagen:

Isabelle Barker
Brian Barlotta
Alexander Bleakley
Dylan Driscoll
Daniel Ethridge
Brian Greer
Sophia Guerra
Ramin Khalafi
Karley LeClerc
Chloe Mazzella
Noah McLead
Troy Meservey
Nicholas Morris
Aoife Murphy
Sophia Pantos
Cecilia Riccio
Abigail Rutherford
Hunter Sarsfield
John Sullivan
Abigail Tjie
Noah Tonnesen
Elana Weintraub
Penelope van der Meer

Congrats to all!