A platform to showcase the great work that both our students and staff do in our community we call Bedford High School. All nominations are made by the staff.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Top Puppy - Monday, May 29, 2018

This week's winners have been nominated by Ms. Devito:

"I would like to nominate Gunner Grant and Jason Merk for Top Puppy. A few week's ago during Advisory, we were playing basketball with Mrs. Miller's class. Towards the end, someone got hurt. Without thinking, and with real composure, Gunner took it upon himself to go get the nurse. At the same time, Jason stayed with the injured party and was really helpful with his reassurance and kind words in looking after the player. I thought both young men from Mrs. Miller's Advisory showed great sense of Bulldog community, and I commend them for that."

Monday, May 21, 2018

Top Puppy - Monday, May 21, 2018

This week's Top Puppy has been nominated by Ms. Lucontoni:

"I want to nominate junior, Kiersten Pidgeon, for Top Puppy. Up until yesterday, I had never met Kiersten, but she shined her true Bulldog colors last evening. After a long, exhausting day and evening, I realized I needed to grab a few things at the supermarket. After I had finished my shopping and returned to my car, I realized I had thrown my cell phone into the Hannaford trash. Yes, the gross public trash can. Left with no choice, I started digging. While sifting through in the dark, this very kind girl exiting the store and seeing my distress come over and started digging with me. She then helped search my car with her cell phone light and called my phone in hopes that it would ring. I honestly could not believe this young high school student was helping me go through trash to find my phone. Shortly after I found the phone, I asked Kiersten's name and learned that she was indeed a BHS Student. It was incredibly reassuring that the compassionate, kind students we see in our classrooms are equally as compassionate and kind in the community, when no one is looking."

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Top Puppy - Monday, May 14, 2018

This week's Top Puppy has been nominated by Mr Hehn:

"Kara Christensen exemplifies what a good person and good citizen is. She is often holding door open for others. When the teacher meeting ended this past Thursday, there was a student behind the auditorium doors holding them open so all could come out. When I glanced behind the door, who else but Kara. On our Intersession trip, our bus driver asked for help loading and unloading suitcases from under the bus. Every morning Kara volunteered to load the suitcases, and every night she helped unload the suitcases. This involved crawling under the bus and moving heaving suitcases....never a complaint and always positive about helping. She demonstrates the Bulldog spirit, creating a caring community that supports each other!"

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top Puppy - Monday, May 7, 2018

This week's Top Puppies have been nominated by Mr. Stank:

"Congratulations to Thomas Norfleet, Joshua Koellmer, and Ben Lacombe who were recently selected for the Joe Yukica Scholar-Athlete Award. These young men were selected for their academic, athletic, and community work that they accomplished over their high school career. These gentlemen have helped lead the football program on and off the field over their four year term at BHS and will be greatly missed."